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Le schede

Waste and
food education

Author: Andrea Segrè

Food security
and sustainable agriculture

Authors: Atlant Bieri,
Jean-Daniel Charrière,
Felix Herzog

and food heritage

Author: Marta Lenzi






Coordinamento didattico


 Maria Rosaria Fasanelli 

Maria Rosaria Fasanelli is an EFL teacher at Liceo Niccolò Machiavelli inRome,Italy, where she is also Head of the Foreign Languages Department and coordinator of international projects. Fond of ICT for the teaching/learning process and new learning environments. eTwinning ambassador since 2012, Mrs. Fasanelli writes articles and cooperates to in-presence and online teachers' training events.




The authors


Andrea Segrè

Founder and president of Last Minute Market, an academic spin-off of the Universityof Bolognawhere he is professor of Comparative and International Agricultural Politics and Director of the Department of Agri-food Science and Technology. He designed the European campaign entitled Un anno contro lo Spreco (A Year Against Waste) and promoted the government Zero Waste Charter, already signed by hundreds of mayors as a commitment to reduce wastage of natural resources. He is coordinator of the National Food Waste Prevention Plan by the Italian Ministry of the Environment. 



Atlant Bieri  (www.atlant.ch)

Science journalist Atlant Bieri writes primarily on the environment, animals, plants and agriculture. His articles are published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on Sunday, the Tages-Anzeiger, 20 minutes, and many environmental magazines. He has also written a booklet on brine shrimp for the Swiss Foundation of Publications for Young People (SJW), which introduces children over 10 years to ecological research. Alongside his work as a journalist, he regularly gives courses on brine shrimp to school children in Switzerland, Thailandand Australia.


 Jean-Daniel Charrière

Jean-Daniel Charrière is an agricultural engineer who has worked for more than 20 years at theBeeResearchCenter, Agroscope. During his career he has been active in the alternative fight against the Varroa parasite, bacterial brood diseases and the assessment of risks to bees from the use of pesticides. The aim of theBeeResearchCenteris to keep Swiss beekeeping attractive to ensure sufficient pollination of cultivated crops and wild plants over much ofSwitzerland.



Felix Herzog 

Felix Herzog is an agricultural engineer and landscape ecologist working at the Swiss agricultural research center, Agroscope. He carries out research in the field of agriculture inSwitzerland, and in particular, the interaction between agriculture and the environment. He wants to help create agriculture that is more sustainable, productive and environmentally friendly. His research group is active inSwitzerlandand other European countries, as many of the challenges they are facing go well beyond national borders and are easier to solve if addressed together. 



Marta Lenzi

An expert on the history of gastronomy and customs, Marta Lenzi has long been active in the field of cultural communication. For over 20 years, she has been curator and head of External Relations at BING Bibliothèque Internationale de Gastronomie (International Library of Gastronomy) in Lugano, with an important collection of ancient texts on gastronomy. She has organized several exhibitions, collaborating with RSI (the Swiss-Italian Radio and Television broadcaster) doing interviews, features and documentaries. She also writes for several newspapers.

Additional materials from the Swiss School in Milan

Swiss School of Milan (SSM) explores the issues of Expo 2015 in a rich spectrum of activities


In these pages one can consult the didactic units that the Swiss School of Milan has activated in intense work on the issue of Expo: «Feeding the Planet, Energy for Live». After a first Kick-Off involving all the educators, the last year «End of the school year» party, a meeting with official representatives from Swiss Embassy of Rome and the Swiss Consulate of Milan and «School Project» from Expo the teachers started to coordinate their didactic work of the next weeks. The results of the work done with the children during the following three month period reflect the incredible richness of the topic of Expo 2015 and the uncountable possibilities of its mediation in a school context.


Concept, texts, translations and graphics: Barbara Fässler – Editing: Micaela Crespi, Marion Andrieux, Tamara Schornikow



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